August 28

SOCCER 8/29-9/9

This week we will begin our Soccer unit with 2nd-5th grades.

  • Dribbling with feet
  • Passing
  • Trapping

SIDE LINE SOCCER- One of the greatest games to play with such large groups-

As most of you know Coach Daniel is very passionate about soccer… So for the next 2 weeks we will be digging into one of his favorite units.

Cues for K-1- TOE MEANS NO!!

K-1st are working on foot-eye coordination- kicking a stationary ball with a partner and approaching and kicking a moving ball.

Our students are AMAZING!!  EAST SIDE ROCKS!!!

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August 14

4-Square 8/15-8/26

8/15-8/194th & 5th will have qualifying for the 4-square tournament that will take place 8/22-8/26.

K-3 will be working on striking and hand-eye coordination- the basic building block to 4-square.

As always, we will be incorporating various fitness concepts into our lessons.




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August 4

Cooperative Games- Procedures 8/1-8/12

What a fantastic first week back! For the younger/new students we will be discussing our top priorities as well as our expectations for ESPE students!

For the first 2 weeks we will be focusing on Cooperative Games. In life it is very important to learn how to work well with others and what better place to learn these skills than in a fun, exciting environment!


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August 1

Welcome to ESPE 2016-2017

We are so excited to begin another “FUNTASTIC” school year here at ESPE.

We get so FIRED up this time of year because we get to have you all back in the gym and get you guys MOVING & GROOVING!!
It is going to be another phenomenal year here at ESPE. We will be spending time in our awesome Gym, out on the busport and at the track/field during your P.E specials time.

Check your class schedules and wear appropriate shoes on your P. E. days. Girls, if you wear skirts please wear a pair of shorts underneath.
We have no doubt that you all are going to have a great time this year!

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May 25

Have a Fit & Fun Summer!





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May 9

Field Days May 10- May 12

It’s time to get INFLATED EAST SIDE!!!

Opening ceremonies will take place in the Gym @ 8:00 AM. We have 10 exhilarating stations that are guaranteed to PUMP YOU UP!!!

Don’t forget to wear you class t-shirt!!! Have fun, Be Safe!!


Tuesday May 10 2016       Wednesday May 11, 2016           Thursday May 12, 2016

K & 1 Field Day                     2nd & 3rd Field Day                    4th & 5th Field Day


Marathon Race @ 1pm on Track                                    Staff vs. 5th Grade Kickball Game @ 1pm



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April 24

4/25-4/29 KICKBALL

This week we will be playing Kickball with 4th & 5th grades.

K-3 will be playing a variation of kickball. Students will be working on hand-eye coordination, striking, running, teamwork/cooperation skills.

Our plan is to be outside!! Wear appropriate clothing/sunscreen.



ESPE MOVIE NIGHT/4-Square Tournament

Only 100 spots available!! $25 per student- Pizza, cookie, drink, entertainment provided!!

Support ESPE!!


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April 12

4/11-4/22 Tennis/Badminton

We hope that everyone enjoyed their break! This week we will be working on striking using tennis racquets.

Monday & Tuesday we will be on our regular rotation.

Wednesday 4/13- Tuesday 4/19 we will be on a revised rotation due to Georgia Milestone testing.

Get plenty of rest, eat a healthy breakfast….REMAIN CALM….YOU WILL DO GREAT!!

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March 23


Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, grace, balance and control.

K-5 students will experience gymnastics ESPE style:

1. Vaulting

2. Balance Beam

3. Spring Boards

4. Stability  Balls

5. Rolling- (forward/backward, log roll)

6. Partner balancing- (pyramids,

7. Cartwheels, Headstands, Round-offs

8. Vaulting

Safety is our first priority! We expect all students regardless of skill level to follow directions and be cautious! NO FLIPS or DIVING IS ALLOWED!

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